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BECAUSE ONE BLOG IS never enough I started recently taking photographs of, and making commentary about, architectural vents and grilles. It's an extremely niche and (I hope) harmless thing to do with my time, and seems to fit what I realise is a broader interest I've got in other people's projects of documenting specific urban environmental characteristics.

Weeds of Melbourne is run by a self-described non-botanist but botanically analyses the plants that grow in Melbourne's between-spaces. I've described this to other people as the best and most interesting use of Instagram I know of.

Past Lives Of The Near Future is a quasi-heritage project documenting elements of Sydney (particularly Western and South-West Sydney) that spark memories; the kind of places unlikely to satisfy Council's cultural significance test for preservation, but that for people like you and me are nostalgia traps. Pizza huts. Milk bars. Old signs.

Berlin Typography is signage particularly of the post-war modernist moment in Berlin and particularly of the specifically German ligatures. This blog makes me thirst for lager and hunger for wurst.

Parisian Floors shows that the first thing almost everyone does with a camera--photograph their own feet--is as good a way to continue as any, particularly if you live in a city full of beautiful lobby mosaics.

Sydney Brick Love loves brick buildings in Sydney. There's an emphasis on the eastern suburbs and on interwar apartment blocks, but I'm OK with that.

footbridge_jp Japanese footbridges. 'Footbridge only. Japan'. It's what it says.

Modernist Australia scours real estate listings, magazines, and other publications for houses and furniture none of us, readers, can afford.

Rejas de Buenos Aires is close to my heart, as is windowgrills_tw, and Kratki Furtki Płotki, all documentary projects of wrought iron decorative grillwork in Argentina, Taiwan and Poland respectively (the Poles seem to really take delight in kitsch, whereas the Argentinians go for austere formal decoration).

Finally, Letterboxes of Note notes Australian suburban letterboxes.

There must, and will, be more, but these are a preliminary selection.



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